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You Are My Salvation

 I wish to share with you a song I composed last year.  I have requested a friend to record the song for me. Several days after Goding passed, I received a message from her saying she wanted to send it earlier, but her arranger’s laptop got stolen, so they had to start again from scratch.

 As I listened to the song, I never thought it would minister to me personally. Maybe the timing was just perfect as God wanted to speak to me through the song.  I was crying so hard as I listened to it.

I imagined Goding and me, singing this song together to God, praising and worshipping Him for He is indeed our salvation.

Hilda Manalo Linaac



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'You Are My Salvation"

Melody & Lyrics is written by Hilda Manalo Linaac.  

Vocals by Ela Alegre.

Music Arranged by Antonio Serrano Jr.

Hilda is also the author of this inspirational book 

"A Faith Journey:  Walking Through The Storm With God"

Please send your support by buying the book at her order page:

Hilda Manalo Linaac.

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